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ISTP at work... Empty ISTP at work...

Post by Duck_of_Death on Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:58 pm

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ISTP Personality Type

Hallmark Characteristics: Reserved, Utilitarian, Pragmatic, Expedient, and Autonomous

Leadership Style: Action oriented, resourceful, and spontaneous, ISTPs provide invaluable leadership when engaged in emergency and crisis situations. They are task oriented and place great value upon independence and individual rights. Non-attentive to interpersonal skills and niceties, they display little regard for organizational hierarchy, adhere to established rules only to the point of leaning how to get around them, provide followers with minimal supervision, and lead by example.

Conflict Resolution: Pragmatic and logical, ISTPs take a hands-on approach when undertaking any task. They thrive in an environment in which they are given the latitude to solve specific, concrete problems expeditiously. In times of conflict they remain detached, focus on the issue at hand, and function with confidence, optimism, and ease.

Communication Style: ISTPs dislike excessive dialogue that slows them down or wastes time. They speak in brief succinct sentences; avoid small talk, and present ideas through concrete examples and mental exactness. ISTPs persuade through cool, straightforward, logical analysis that stresses a need for immediate action. They are persuaded by realistic, measurable objectives and benchmarks stated in a step-by-step sequential fashion.

As Entrepreneurs: Masters of expediency and rational analyses, ISTPs place great value on quality and efficiency of effort. The organizations they create have an adventurous, spontaneous quality, strive to do one thing exceptionally well, and derive great pleasure from the challenge of task accomplishment. They rebel against schedules and ridged structure and have little patience with the ambiguous. ISTPs need to augment their natural abilities with others who focus on long-range strategic planning and provide organizational structure.

Career Satisfaction: ISTPs are resourceful tacticians, with a knack for taking in and retaining data of a technical nature. They enjoy tasks that involve working with and mastering the use of tools. They excel at on-the-spot troubleshooting and decision-making. In order for work to be meaningful, it must involve setting up, maintaining, and fixing apparatuses and systems. While successful people of all types are found in all occupations, some careers popular with ISTPs include: Engineer: electrical, mechanical, civil; Securities Analyst; Software Developer; Computer Programmer; Pilot; Race Car Driver; Detective; Carpenter; Logistics and Supply Manager; and Emergency Medical Technician.

Sounds right on the dot to me.

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ISTP at work... Empty Re: ISTP at work...

Post by mcgooglian on Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:42 am

Sounds right for me too. I've had one supervisor say that at times, it sounded like I was her supervisor.
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ISTP at work... Empty Re: ISTP at work...

Post by updownman on Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:59 pm

Sounds right to me, I especially like this one

adhere to established rules only to the point of leaning how to get around them
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ISTP at work... Empty Re: ISTP at work...

Post by Jixmixfix on Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:24 am

My communication style is very much like that.

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ISTP at work... Empty Re: ISTP at work...

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